How do you know if its time to hire an outside consultant to help you scale your mid-life business?

If you’re interested in achieving radical performance improvement in a short time-frame outside help might be the answer.

However, outside help isn’t always the answer.

We use the following worksheet to determine if a prospective client would benefit from the ScaleWerks Mid-Life Business Accelerator protocol. Do any of these apply to you?

Qualifying Questions:

How would you define your business — as a lifestyle business or a growth-oriented business? What do you want it to be?

  1. Are your revenues and margin increasing?
  2. Do you have enough cash to plow back into the business?
  3. How is debt impacting your business?
  4. Do you have a business model and plan?
  5. Has your business model changed since the inception of your business?
  6. How many business models do you have?
  7. Do you have a clear set of metrics for tracking performance on the things which matter?
  8. Are rewards and recognition aligned to support the business?

Potential Pain Points:

  • Business strategy does not exist or isn’t executed
  • Dissatisfied with profits
  • Flat or decreasing revenues
  • Overburdened by debt payments
  • Often in “crisis mode”
  • Fixing issues which could have been prevented
  • No follow-through on decisions
  • Priorities continuously change
  • People are working on different goals and objectives: no alignment
  • Management meetings are ineffective
  • Roles and accountability are unclear or confusing
  • Can’t afford to offer pay raises or bonuses
  • Difficulty attracting and retaining talent
  • We either have too much data or not enough of the right data to run our business

How effective are you in your market?

  1. What’s your relative market share?
  2. Who’s your direct competition?
  3. How do you go to market?
  4. What are the growth opportunities?
  5. What are the competitive threats?
  6. Is Net Operating Income to Sales improving year-over-year?

Potential Pain Points:

  • Constantly chasing the competition
  • Do not dominate any categories
  • No process or discipline for pricing
  • Concerned about competitive threats
  • Net operating income to sales is decreasing

When’s the last time that you had a successful new product or service line launch?

  1. Do you use customer data to drive customer innovation?
  2. Do you have a business process and accountability defined for new product development?

Potential Pain Points:

  • No new launches in recent history
  • Innovation is not based on collected market or customer data
  • Can’t clearly articulate the problems the company is solving or jobs the company is doing for customers
  • Not generating new commercial opportunities

How would you (or do you) value your business?

  1. Does the value of the business meet your expectations?
  2. Is the value of the average customer relationship increasing?
  3. Do you know how to use your customer data to scale your business?
  4. What is your “return on equity” ratio?
  5. What is your “debt-to equity” ratio?

Potential Pain Points:

  • Don’t know what the business is worth to a potential buyer
  • Too much debt
  • Know what the business is worth and wants it to be higher
  • Value of the average customer relationship is decreasing
  • Don’t utilize customer data
  • Don’t have good, timely customer data

ScaleWerk’s Business Accelerator leads to newfound growth for mid-life, small cap companies, by revealing scaling solutions for existing business models and by innovating for new ones. The ScaleWerks Protocol stems from our diverse work experience, as well the latest technologies for building enterprise value.  You can check out the process – its available on Amazon.

Our protocol serves to:

  • Accelerate profitability through scale,
  • Generate its own capital for investment in the scaling process,
  • Energize the organization to achieve category leadership — Category Leaders capture 76% of category capitalized category value.

Drop us a note and let’s explore if an outside resource is right for you.