Turn Your Supply Chain into an Innovation Engine

A company’s supply chain can be the centerpiece of Category Leadership – delivering value that goes well beyond cost, quality, and efficiency. 

Highest quality. Lowest cost. On-time delivery. That’s how companies typically view an effective supply chain.

But what if that thinking was replaced with a new vision of supply chain? What if companies that are following the SmartScaleTM Protocol start to view it as an engine for Category Leadership?

Today’s modern supply chains are more than just a back-end conduit to deliver products on time. An organization’s supply chain should deliver value that goes well beyond cost, quality and efficiency. It should be integral to achieving SmartScale.

An Enabler for SmartScaling

In the traditional organization, the supply chain is an afterthought – brought into the fold late in the product design and manufacturing stage. Bringing SmartScaleTM thinking into supply chain design will help enable big, creative ideas that will propagate Category Leadership, your Authority as a Category Leader – and support the growth of your Community.

SmartScaleTM leaders shift away from looking at the supply chain as a back-end operations function and instead, use it as a front-end enabler. SmartScalers build on the Job-to-be-done and From/To research that we did during the SmartScaleTM Lab and ask:

  • What’s our new big idea?
  • How does our supply chain influence that big idea?
  • What are the drivers behind customer wants that are being enabled by the supply chain?
  • How can our supply chain strengths be exploited to bring a new product or service to market?

SmartScalers see their supply chain as a way to prove their Authority and leverage their Category Leadership.

Asking how the supply chain supports Category Leadership and proves the company’s Authority will force the type of out-of-the-box thinking that is key to opening up new markets and creating new products that are outcomes of the SmartScaleTM Protocol. (Click here to learn more about the SmartScaleTM Protocol)

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