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How a crowdfunding business connected faster with their customers


This crowdfunding company is one of the top British investment crowdfunding platforms.


This company has an energetic marketing team with dynamic ideas but faced a significant blocker in putting any of these ideas into practice. Their internal development team was at capacity with tasks from day to day business, making changes to content low on the priority list. Marketing needed a system where they could take back control of their content, but building the framework to make this possible was out of capacity for their development team.


This company engaged us as an external resource to give control back to its marketing team. We were able to deliver results in an agile and dynamic way which would have been impossible to achieve internally. We built an extension to their website, using CraftCMS, where they could publish articles, amend as needed, create structures for their content, and upload rich media. We were able to deliver a solution quickly.

Next steps

The result of our fast implementation of CraftCMS means that the marketing team is no longer blocked by the workload of their development team. Because they were able to move quickly, their marketing strategy became more effective. Had the marketing team stuck to their internal systems, they would still be relying on the development team having spare capacity to make text amends and enact their marketing strategies.

Our solution proved to be so effective that the entire website was relaunched recently using CraftCMS.

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