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Manufacturer case study


The company was built to bid short-run replacement parts from manufacturer-owned prints. Over time the designer/manufacturers of components and parts had changed their strategy and where providing repair parts services as part of their offering - thus reducing the volume of machine-to-print work.


Working from the end-users perspective the company re-imagined itself as a direct-to-customer service center. It created a category for online maintenance part monitoring and, as such, an online center for uptime assessment and monitoring - delivering predictive information, just-in-time replacement part delivery, and suggesting part replacement before systems failures.

Customers reduced their costs of replacement parts and improved their maintenance programs. The company became the category leader with a community of maintenance professionals look to the company as the authority on ensuring that costly parts are available at the appropriate time and at aftermarket pricing.

The company achieved scale as a process management company where it had previously been recognized only as a high-quality precision machining business.

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