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Mark Jacobs


Mark B. Jacobs has spent 30 years in executive leadership successfully guiding major growth initiatives – many starting as turnaround efforts. He has led re-capitalizations, start-ups, and key organizational change agendas that have scaled company growth and performance. He co-authored the SmartScale process which is built on his years of hands-on experience and expertise in Lean Manufacturing, Quality Systems, Sales & Operations Planning, Category Design & Development, Leadership Development, and Technology-Driven transformations.

SmartScaling Your Midlife Company

Unlocking the Power of Customer Experience

Critical Insight: The dynamic ecosystem of midlife companies parallels the straightforward yet potent mechanism of natural selection. In this competitive landscape, the cornerstone of transformative growth and sustainable scaling is the alignment of an aspiration-achieving Category Leadership Architecture expressed through a compelling customer experience (CX). The SmartScaleSM recipe for a compelling customer experience begins by gaining a profound understanding of customer behaviors, struggles, and preferences, utilizing qualitative and quantitative data to grasp what resonates with them.

The Heart of Customer Experience in SmartScale SM

1. Understanding The Current Customer Experience:

In the SmartScale SM paradigm, customer experience transcends mere customer service. It starts by understanding the customer's environment, needs, and struggles. The SmartScale SM process shines through leveraging the power of contextual inquiry to drive significant value for midlife middle-market companies.

After gaining a deep understanding of the firm's customers, the process turns to mapping every interaction a customer has with your firm. It catalogs what their journeys look and feel like and describes the lasting impressions these interactions leave. This all-encompassing approach ensures the description of every touchpoint in terms of its opportunity to advance how the experience architecture positively influences customers.

Challenge: Organizations often launch CX transformations without a clear understanding of the value a better experience will bring, making it hard to secure resources and leadership support​​. SmartScaleSM addresses this by linking customer satisfaction with financial outcomes like loyalty, churn, and revenue.

2. The SmartScale SM Strategy – Build an Aspiration-Driven Customer Experience:

Using the insights gained from Understanding The Current Customer Experience, the customer experience is redefined through the ScaleWerks Category Architecture process. This process transforms these insights to enhance customer interactions at every level. This process starts with the point of view that defines your category leadership – how you deliver to your customers a "better version of themselves" – and, by leveraging analytics, transforms these insights into predictive models, allowing your company to anticipate customer needs and preferences, thereby proactively shaping the customer experience.

Challenge: Breaking down organizational silos is crucial for a cohesive CX strategy. SmartScaleSM promotes interdepartmental communication and collaboration, ensuring a unified approach to customer needs.

3. Measuring and Accelerating the value created through CX:

SmartScale SM builds customer insight collection into its processes – tools like Customer lifetime-centered Loyalty Analysis and churn rate analysis are pivotal in understanding the effectiveness of CX strategies. This approach to ongoing insight gathering accelerates your firm's ROI from personalized, predictive, and seamless journeys by using behavioral data and aspiration analysis to cultivate deeper emotional connections, leading to accelerated growth in customer loyalty and a more substantial, lasting relationship between the customer and the enterprise.

Challenge: A common hurdle is the lack of personalized solutions. SmartScaleSM implements personalized marketing and support initiatives, utilizing analytics to understand individual customers' contextual needs​​.

Are You Delivering A Compelling CX?

Focusing on creating exceptional customer experiences, midlife companies can unlock new engagement, loyalty, and growth levels. This strategic focus on CX is not just a business enhancement; it's a transformational shift that places customers at the heart of every decision, enhancing category architecture and driving sustainable success and scalability.

Please take our 20-minute ScaleWerks assessment to evaluate your organization's customer intimacy and ability to deliver a compelling experience, together with the other four critical attributes, to scale your business to exponential enterprise value.

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