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Mark Jacobs


Mark B. Jacobs has spent 30 years in executive leadership successfully guiding major growth initiatives – many starting as turnaround efforts. He has led re-capitalizations, start-ups, and key organizational change agendas that have scaled company growth and performance. He co-authored the SmartScale process which is built on his years of hands-on experience and expertise in Lean Manufacturing, Quality Systems, Sales & Operations Planning, Category Design & Development, Leadership Development, and Technology-Driven transformations.

The difference between a middle market Consultant and an Accelerator for mid-life, middle market companies

Here’s why you need to know this:

Consultants and accelerators differ in their goals and engagement format. A middle-market consultant is a professional who advises a company or organization to implement incremental changes. A middle-market accelerator for mid-life companies provides a proven business operating system. It brings the required resources to unleash rapid growth while future-proofing the enterprise for sustainable long-term value increase.

Here's the takeaway:

Consultants acknowledge that most people don’t want their thinking changed. As a result, the consulting model centers on accommodating incremental forward movement - which opens the door to long-term consulting engagements where the consulting firm champions“best practices in change management” and patiently follows those prescribed execution processes. Because of the time required to implement change, most middle market firms shy away from consultants because “they never leave and are always suggesting more projects.”

A Consultant is the right choice when a company needs expert advice or guidance in a specific area, such as strategy, marketing, finance, operations, IT, or human resources.

Accelerators recognize that working through non-obvious connections and insights that unlock exponential value creation appeals to only the most thoughtful business leaders - those who are open to challenging and changing their thinking. The leaders that engage with Accelerators want to enlighten their perspectives, move forward in groundbreaking ways, and work collaboratively to craft magnitudes of value increase for their stakeholders.

A middle-market Accelerator is the right choice for mid-life companies when shareholders are committed to significant increases in enterprise value through:

  • Strategic clarity,
  • Tactical explicitness,
  • Cohesive execution,
  • Data-centric shared values-based teamwork,
  • Technology-enabled processes,
  • Category leadership and ultimately,
  • Future-proofing the business - all by design.

What to do:

Take the assessment located here. Using the insights, we will structure a conversation to explore how much value your organization would receive from committing to our mid-market, mid-life business accelerator.

Go Deeper:

If you want greater detail, check out The Mid-Life Business Acceleration Story: A New Perspective on Disruptive Transformation and Exponential Growth.

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