Online, Onsite or at the ScaleWerks Studio

ScaleWerk's Overarching Goal: To improve the fortunes of small-cap, mid-life companies around the world by championing a learning protocol for scaling, (Until now inaccessible, unaffordable, and effectively unknown by first-generation owner-operators).

To achieve our goal we've made the SmartScale protocol and available online, onsite or at our ScaleWerks Studio and guest house in the idyllic community of Virginia City, Montana.

Our global audience of English-speaking, (Gen X, Y, and Millennial), first-generation owner-operators are smart business people who:

  1. Want to scale in order to realize their enterprise mission.
  2. Need to scale to optimize enterprise value for a desired monetization event.

We are the Business Accelerator for Mid-Life Companies

  • Business Accelerators have been geared largely to start up’s and early-stage companies led by venture capital and angel investors.
  • Our audience is currently underserved by the consulting industry, commercial banks, investment bankers and business advisors, all offering conventional advice at a high relative expense to small-cap companies.
  • The SmartScale Accelerator is so effective that it has attracted advocates in Investment Banking - who trust our protocol to deliver the value acceleration their clients are pursuing.

The Scalewerks ProtocolTM is designed from:

  • Multiple, pedigreed, highly accomplished professional careers across disciplines, industries, global and regional markets, and business model types.
  • Experience and a proven track record of scaling businesses.
  • Social science theories and in-market empirical evidence.
  • Research findings published by consulting industry illuminati.

Our community is an effective learning community, comprising both owner-operators and key staff, that embraces and achieves transformation by integrating the 5 major learning theories:

  1. Collaborative by making social and cognitive connections.
  2. Experiential through gaming, multimedia and simulations.
  3. Self-Directed as members self-select to join, and exhibit the deliberate effort to perform and assess
  4. Social Cognitive bringing the environment into social dynamics – beyond shared content.
  5. Transformative that evokes dramatic, fundamental change from turning lives upside down – whereby the instructor serves as a role model but learners contribute by constructing and creating the learning environment, continually recycled by on-going critical self-reflection.