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Mark Jacobs


Mark B. Jacobs has spent 30 years in executive leadership successfully guiding major growth initiatives – many starting as turnaround efforts. He has led re-capitalizations, start-ups, and key organizational change agendas that have scaled company growth and performance. He co-authored the SmartScale process which is built on his years of hands-on experience and expertise in Lean Manufacturing, Quality Systems, Sales & Operations Planning, Category Design & Development, Leadership Development, and Technology-Driven transformations.

Beyond Consultants: Unleashing the Power of A Business Accelerator

Today’s Business Challenge:

Today's paramount business challenge lies in the intricate task of accelerating enterprise value, a multifaceted endeavor. Business owners today are living through one of the most tumultuous periods in recent history, where traditional methods are insufficient to navigate the complexities of operating, let alone accelerating the growth of privately held businesses. Intuition alone falls short as our guiding beacon in this swiftly evolving landscape. Instead, the crux of the matter resides in the profound insights we gain into our customers.

At ScaleWerks, our goal is to ensure that our clients chart a strategic path that is built on deep customer insight that will scale enterprise value to new heights.

The Value of Understanding Your Customer:

Understanding your customer is critical, and here's why: Your customer is your most valuable asset. The ability to recognize and respond to customer patterns is mission-critical. Many companies that have met their demise can trace their failure back to their inability to truly comprehend, appreciate, and adapt to their customers' ever-shifting aspirations and behaviors. In today's fast-paced world, the capacity to understand and adapt to these evolving patterns is not just a competitive advantage; it's necessary for survival in the business landscape…and ultimately, it is the key to achieving sustainable scaling.

The Zombie Company Dilemma:

Even before the latest economic shockwaves, companies grappled with the challenges of achieving profitable growth. In their pursuit of scale, many businesses took on customers at marginal or no profit, nurturing the belief that profitability would eventually manifest with a critical mass of customers. Unfortunately, this approach often led to perpetual cash management instead of actual business building, earning these entities the moniker of "Zombie Companies."

Here's What You Need To Know:

The Consultation Conundrum: Conventional consultants are renowned for their expertise in offering advice and recommendations around traditional approaches to business operations and growth. They meticulously analyze your business, identify areas for improvement, and provide you with well-thought-out strategic guidance. Undoubtedly, this insight is valuable, but it typically culminates in a comprehensive report or presentation. The critical phases of execution and transformative action are frequently only outlined for you - without helping you “be different” - you are only “made better”.

The Key Takeaway: There’s A Different Approach:

Unlike traditional consultants who offer strategic recommendations and implementation around traditional business strategy and operations approaches, our Business Accelerator centers on partnering exclusively with companies capable of achieving sustainable scaling. We have honed our expertise with proven protocols and deep insights into exponential growth, allowing us to seamlessly collaborate with you from strategy development through execution.

What assures your achievement of sustainable scaling is our proactive approach, which elevates us beyond the role of mere advisors. We become dedicated partners in your journey, propelling your enterprise towards exponential value acceleration and lasting prosperity.

The ScaleWerks Mid-Life Company Accelerator is a protocol for achieving radical performance improvement and sustainable scaling. Following are just a few of the many benefits:

A. Delivers Exponential Performance Increases: It propels your business to achieve exponential performance gains of 10-15X enterprise value and greater.

B. Accelerates Profitability through Sustainable Scalability: Profitability is not just a short-term achievement but a sustainable outcome as your business scales.

C. Generates Its Own Capital for Investment: The process creates its capital for reinvestment, fuelling the scaling process.

D. Energizes Your Organization for Category Leadership: By attracting profitable customers and effectively managing their lifetime value, this process ignites your organization to attain category leadership.

By selecting ScaleWerks as your business accelerator, you're not merely choosing a consultancy service but embarking on a transformative partnership. We are dedicated to immersing ourselves in your aspirations, challenges, and dreams. Our mission is to empower you not just to survive but to thrive in today's fiercely competitive business terrain.

So, the next time you contemplate seeking guidance for your business, remember the distinctive difference between consultants and business accelerators. Consultants may offer insights, but business accelerators like ScaleWerks provide results, momentum, and a journey toward excellence.

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