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We are living through the most turbulent period many of us have ever experienced. Not only is the economy unstable and erratic, but we’re seeing huge shifts in the way people live, work and consume.

Intuition alone cannot pull us through this rapidly changing reality.

Business owners and leaders are wrestling with the complexities of defining a successful growth strategy. In these struggles, many discover that growth alone is not enough to secure the future - and strive to achieve sustainable scaling. But when the world has turned on its head - what is the magic formula that accelerates the value of a business? How close is your organization to sustainable scaling?

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Change is simply not enough. To thrive, companies need to embrace a whole cultural shift - a transformation.

Scalewerks philosophy

How to succeed where others fail

Long before the latest shock to the economy, firms were dealing with the challenges of building sustainable value and achieving scale. The stumbling block for many companies is that they confuse economies of scale with sustainable scale.

Achieving scale is not just about getting bigger. Yes, more customers bring larger profits - but you’re stuck running ever faster on the same treadmill.

Sustainable scale offers you increasing revenue alongside decreasing costs. It’s about reinventing the business model, transforming the market offer and becoming the only solution that makes sense.

Your business should make life easier - for your customer and yourself - through creating and supplying the experience your audience really wants and needs. Whether they realize it yet, or not.

Look at it like this:

When Amazon moved from online bookseller to purveyor of everything, it took a split second for the world to adopt their global marketplace. They have become the Category Leader.

The moment Netflix created mail order movies, you stopped visiting the rental store and once streaming went online, ask yourself honestly - when did you last buy a DVD?

On a more relatable level, we can look at the specialty contractor that recognize he’d offer more value to his customers by expanding his services to include an online project scheduling center - reducing time and cost and improving whole project coordination.

Similarly, we see Category Leadership in the products firm that learned that their real value was customer experience, design-for-manufacturability, and sourcing - propelling them to be the supplier of choice for an ever-growing community of B2C customers.

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Become the category leader

So, imagine partnering with a midlife company accelerator: an organization who can provide the expertise - and the objectivity - to work with your teams, ask the right questions and build the foundations for becoming Category Leader in your own market.

Success in this task is based on understanding two inalienable truths.

1. Your most valuable asset is your customer.

Knowing your customer and how to meet their needs is critical - but guesswork won’t cut it. You must begin by not only identifying your customer’s wants and needs, but then mapping out how to respond in a way that helps them achieve their long-term aspirations. That’s how to achieve scale vs growth.

2. Your most valuable process is recognizing customer patterns.

Most companies that fail can trace that failure back to a lack of clear understanding, appreciation, or process to respond to evolving customer patterns. In this fast-changing world do you clearly understand, appreciate, and have the capacity to respond to your customers’ changing patterns? The answer to that question will be the difference between failure or survival.

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SmartScale™ works because it’s more than a process

it’s a paradigm

What is SmartScale™?

SmartScale™ is a mid-life company accelerator program designed to dig deep into your market, using a unique data analysis process to provide the insight you need to cement your position as Category Leader.

ScaleWerks brings together a group of seasoned executives with substantial operational experience across a range of industries. Together, this wealth of insight has formed a unique and proven process - SmartScale™ - which makes sustained value creation both practical and successful for midlife businesses.

The SmartScale™ Protocol:

  • Delivers exponential performance increases
  • Accelerates profitability through sustained scalability
  • Generates its own capital for investment in the scaling process
  • Energizes the organization to achieve Category Leadership, attracting profitable customers and managing their lifetime value

As a result, companies that SmartScale™ find they can sustainably scale by capturing loyal customers to provide revenue, whilst increasing earnings and maximizing company value – even during radical changes in the economic environment.

SmartScale™ moves your company into something more than a single product or service:

as a Category Leader you’ll deliver a way of life for your customer, who, in return, provides you with a lifetime of value.

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Customer loyalty is one of the cornerstones of the SmartScale™ process. If you increase customer loyalty you capture a larger share of the market which is key to scaling your business. Use our calculator to find out how harnessing your customers will affect your business over the next 5 years.

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SmartScale™ Story

The story of a fellow business leader and how a proven protocol for identifying and capitalizing on these signals transformed his company. It’s a story about making the decision to go from success to scale. We call this journey SmartScaling.

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SmartScale™ Focus


Achieving Sustainable Enterprise Value Acceleration

SmartScale℠ is a proven business operating system for mid-life companies, leveraging customer loyalty, technology, and organizational transformation to achieve sustainable scaling and enterprise value acceleration. It improves customer experiences, increases retention rates, and boosts profitability.

The difference between a middle market Consultant and an Accelerator for mid-life, middle market companies

Using insights, we will structure a conversation to explore how much value your organization would receive from committing to our mid-market, mid-life business accelerator.

Traditional Competitive Strategy vs. SmartScale Strategy

Unlock Sustainable Growth. Leaders need a strategy built on a deep understanding of customer aspirations and insight into how to be both different and more valuable.

The Cornerstone of a Culture that Achieves Scale - A Shared Narrative

Did you know that companies can perform no better than the limitations placed on them through their shared narrative?

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