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We only see what our perspective will let us see. How much is beyond us?

Revelation from a participant in the SmartScale℠ Lab

Traditional methods don't create scale

From our experience, this is the traditional method used by many businesses to grow:

The first reaction is to work harder. When working harder doesn't deliver results, we decide to work smarter by trying to optimize the operations of the business to increase profit margins.

When this provides marginal returns, we decide to redesign our sales and marketing efforts. Soon, we realize that those sales and marketing efforts are also doomed to marginal returns as our competitors recognize and match our actions.

Eventually, we come to grips with the hard truth that we must place our effort into rethinking the entire business model.

And that's where it gets complicated.

That's When You Need the SmartScalesm Business Accelerator

  • Unlock exponential performance increases
  • Accelerate profitability through sustained scaling
  • Generate capital for investment in the scaling process
  • Designed and built for midlife businesses that want radical performance improvement and, therefore, significant valuation increase

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