Optimize Processes – Our Approach

The Imperative: to unlock unrealized profits and lay a firm foundation that delivers economy of scale and returns from future growth.

The ScaleWerksTM Protocol to Optimize Processes:  Over the past 30 years a number of models and approaches for achieving business excellence and continuous improvement have been developed.  The challenge with most of these models is that they have proven to be programmatic in nature – achieving short term gains during implementation but not sustainable over the long term.

The ScaleWerksTM’s approach, developed from our team’s combined 60 years of participation in, and contribution to the Business Excellence domain, is proven to be longitudinally highly effective, sustainable, and the cornerstone to corporate growth and scale.  Companies that have worked with our team members include (among the hundreds of publicly and privately held companies that we have worked with): Caterpillar, Boeing, (both public), Great Dane Trailers and Marvin Windows and Doors (private) – all category leaders and masters of Scale.

The basis of the ScaleWerksTM Protocol to Optimize Processes is that continuous improvement requires continuous management. Senior leaders and managers have to learn how to fulfill their role in ceaselessly driving the improvement culture while staying aligned with healthy stakeholder desires, measuring performance and learning from results. The underpinning foundations are provided through creating a culture for innovation, involving and focusing on employees, identifying the critical processes for achieving success, and integrating improvement activities throughout the organization.

The ScaleWerksTM Protocol to Optimize Processes is built on these 11 Axioms:

  1. Senior management commitment and involvement.
  2. Leadership and active commitment to continuous improvement demonstrated by managers at all levels.
  3. Focus on the needs of the stakeholders (Customers, employees, leadership, community).
  4. Integrate continuous improvement activities into the strategic goals across the whole organization, across boundaries and at all levels.
  5. Establish a culture for continuous improvement and encourage high involvement innovation.
  6. Focus on people.
  7. Focus on critical processes.
  8. Standardize achievements in a documented quality management system.
  9. Establish measurement and feedback systems.
  10. Learn from continuous improvement results, the automatic capturing and sharing of learning.
  11. Evolve the previous 10 criteria into a dynamic process model through a collaboration-based, flip the class implementation protocol. Only by successfully implementing through this approach is it be possible to make the improvement continuous and self-generating.

What’s Next? Get Started!

We built the SmartScaleTM Protocol so that the company leadership and our team, working shoulder-to-shoulder, can identify the foundations upon which SmartScaleTM will work for the individual company, surface the barriers to successfully achieving scale, and mutually deciding if SmartScaling is right for the business.  That’s the outcome of the two-day SmartScaleTM Lab…which is the starting point.

If you want more information contact us here: hello@scalewerks.co or scroll down and subscribe to our ScaleWerksTM Mastermind email community and join the conversation.